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A New Look for the Official Bulletin

Over the years, a number of significant changes have been made to both the content and look of the Official Bulletin. First published in 1915, the Official Bulletin was introduced as a monthly piece of correspondence to be read at local union membership meetings

Beginning in 1946, the Official Bulletin was changed from a way of communicating with local unions to a way of communicating directly to individual members. Today the Official Bulletin is published quarterly and sent to every member of the Alliance.

In the First Quarter of 2014 issue of this “new and improved” Bulletin, which was published on March 25th, each craft department is clearly profiled, a more consistent design and color scheme was introduced and the publication now has a more magazine style layout and appearance. Two new sections were introduced entitled “Activists Corner” and “Member Spotlight.” Finally a revamped Local Union Directory that has been split into a Canadian and United States section and listing Special Department local unions in the appropriate State or Province instead of in a separate section at the end of the Directory.  

IATSE Bulletin