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New Three-Year AICP Contract

September 30, 2010 - The Committee first met with AICP representatives, who had authorization from 225 companies to bargain on their behalf, in July 2010.  Negotiations did not conclude at that time as issues concerning money and benefits could not be agreed upon. Talks were scheduled for September, right against the September 30, 2010 expiration date of the 2007 AICP agreement, and on the evening of the last day of negotiations an agreement was reached.

The Memorandum of Agreement was approved by the General Executive Board and significant changes, such as increased benefit contributions and wage increases, were made to the Agreement:

The AICP attempted to eliminate working conditions in the North East Corridor, specifically those held by Local 600.  After hours of debate, and with some minor trades, the beneficial conditions of the NEC were retained and the employer’s goal of eliminating these working conditions was rebuffed.

It is notable that for the first time employers will be required to pay higher contribution rates than the major studios to the MPIPHP.