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New Yellow Card/White Card System

In December 2013, the Yellow Card system converted to an “electronic” system ending the “paper” card system that began in 1912. This change was in response to the approved Constitutional changes to the Yellow Card system at the 67th Quadrennial Convention in Boston. The touring members and local unions had requested these changes for the past several years.  

The Yellow Card and the White Card for Wardrobe are now available in electronic form on the IA website.  Blank forms for Head Carpenters and Wardrobe Supervisors to fill out are accessible on the website as well. 

The Stagecraft Department has created a database to track all of the Yellow Card production requests that come through the General Office.  The database has built-in reminders that email Head Carpenters three days before the end of a tour’s second stop, reminding him/her to set the Yellow Card. The system also sends follow-up email reminders after the second stop has passed to ensure the card has been set. 

International Representatives will visit tours to assist in setting the card as well as address any concerns the traveling members may have regarding the new system or the contract in general.