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Newly Chartered Local 154

The organizing campaign of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) crew spanned approximately twenty-two months—from International Representative Christopher Bateman’s first meeting with Festival crew members in early August 2014 until early June 2016, when a first contract was signed. Within that time, the IATSE petitioned for a National Labor Relations Board election to represent the OSF run-of-show crew, a process involving multi-step legal proceedings. Balloting took place in June 2015 and the IATSE prevailed with a sizable majority of votes. Negotiations for a first contract commenced shortly thereafter and on June 6, 2016 a comprehensive tentative agreement was reached after numerous negotiating sessions. Seven days later, the tentative agreement was ratified by a unanimous vote of the run-of-show crew. 

The three-year agreement preserved existing benefits and incorporated added improvements in basic working conditions. Employees received overall wage increases following the contract’s ratification and increases during each subsequent year. The contract requires just cause for discipline and employee performance evaluations. The bargaining unit also secured contractual benefits uniquely tailored to the OSF crew such as relocation benefits, specific turnaround times, meal penalties, weekly minimum guarantees, minimum call times, daily overtime, weekly overtime, and premium payments for work on dark days. Additionally, the contract’s jurisdictional clause will protect the bargaining unit’s work in the future. The contract also protects all employees who currently have better wages and conditions than those negotiated. The committee was satisfied that it successfully developed an equitable agreement that creates fairness across all OSF departments. 

President Loeb travelled to Ashland, Oregon to deliver the charter for the newly-established Local 154 and installed its officers. 

IATSE Local 154