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The Official Bulletin

Over the years, the Official Bulletin has undergone a significant number of changes.  During the past year in particular, a concentrated effort has been made to increase the amount of color and focus more on the Bulletin’s graphic design potential.

All of the changes have been made for the purpose of improving the readability of the Bulletin and to create a sense of anticipation and excitement amongst our membership.

After all, the main reason for publishing the Official Bulletin is to create a valuable communication link between the International and our individual members.  If we don’t publish a magazine that our members want to read, then our goal of improving the level of communication between the International and our members cannot possibly be achieved.

The amount of positive feedback that we received from the publication of our most recent 110th Anniversary special issue was overwhelming.  When we publish a Bulletin that is laid out in an appealing way and is interesting and relevant to our members, they enjoy reading it and they let us know.

It was that positive feedback that inspired us to review the overall graphic design and layout of the Bulletin and look at ways in which we could improve it.  The result of that review appears on the pages of this issue.

Of course, graphic design and layout are only one component of a successful publication.  The major ingredient of any magazine is its content and with your input, this will continue to be a work in progress.  

We have launched a new section entitled On Location, which will focus on issues primarily of interest to those members involved in motion picture production.  This new section will be a regular feature and will appear in a similar format to our long-running On The Road section, which focuses on stagecraft issues.

We believe that the new look of the Official Bulletin and our recently revised website provide a tremendous communication resource for both our members and our local unions.  An increased connectivity between the International and our members is what we strive for and it is feedback from readers like you that has helped us with the evolution.

We hope that you enjoy the changes that we have made to your Official Bulletin and we encourage you to keep the letters coming.

-- James B. Wood, General Secretary-Treasurer