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Ontario Labour Relations Board New Chairman

Photo caption: (left to right) International Vice President Damian Petti, Assistant to the President Sean McGuire, International President Matthew Loeb, Canadian Counsel Bernie Fishbein, General Secretary-Treasurer James Wood and International Vice President John M. Lewis.

In December 2010, the Government of Ontario nominated IATSE Canadian Counsel Bernard Fishbein to the position of Chair of the Ontario Labour Relations Board.  Labor relations under the Canadian Constitution is principally provincially regulated as opposed to federal jurisdiction as in the United States.  As a result, the OLRB is considered to be the preeminent labor relations tribunal in Canada.

Counsel Fishbein announced his departure from the IATSE at the Las Vegas General Executive Board meeting in January 2011.  Counsel Fishbein expressed his sincere thanks to the IATSE for the opportunity to act on behalf of the good and talented membership and the leadership of the IATSE.  He expressed his deep and profound appreciation for the friendships made, which he will always treasure.

On behalf of the Officers, Representatives and local unions throughout the IATSE, President Loeb expressed his thanks to Counsel Fishbein for his many years of guidance and wise counsel.