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President Loeb Appoints New General Counsel

On August 7th during the Mid-Summer General Executive Board meeting in Seattle, Washington, President Loeb took the opportunity, exercising the powers vested in him pursuant to the International Constitution, Article Seven, Section 17, to announce the appointment of In-House Counsel Samantha Dulaney to the position of IATSE General Counsel.  President Loeb noted that Samantha was appointed in February 2008 as the first In-House Counsel for the IATSE General Office, and described her as "true family" to the IATSE with an unparalleled work ethic. General Counsel Dulaney received an ovation from all those present during the announcement.

Photo: International President Matthew Loeb and General Secretary-Treasurer James B. Wood with newly appointed General Counsel Samantha Dulaney.

General Counsel Samantha Dulaney