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Retirement of Assistant to the President Deborah A. Reid

Assistant to the International President Deborah A. Reid addressed the Board, at the General Executive Board meeting in Hollywood, Florida, publicly announcing her retirement, which officially occurred on October 7, 2015.

She recounted that after her freshman year of college in 1974 she applied for a secretarial position in the IATSE General Office, working for International President Walter F. Diehl. At her retirement, Assistant to the President Reid had worked in the administrations of four International Presidents, including that of current IA President Matthew D. Loeb. And, although she did not work for President Emeritus Richard F. Walsh, Assistant to the President Reid recounted that she knew him from his attendance at many Board meetings early in her career.

Assistant to the President Reid is a member of the IATSE Special Department California Branch. In 1994 she was appointed International Representative and was the first woman to be appointed to the position of Assistant to the President in 2004.

Assistant to the President Reid described the positive changes to the IATSE in size and influence over the course of her career including, but not limited to, the expansion of the General Executive Board; growth in membership and treasury; the purchase of office buildings in Toluca Lake, Toronto and the General Office New York. She is most proud of the roles she played in the IATSE’s purchase of a West Coast Office building and in the International’s political program, which she spearheaded until her retirement. She extended warm appreciation to President Loeb, General Secretary-Treasurer James B. Wood, the General Executive Board, retired Representative-in-Charge of the West Coast Office Joseph Aredas, former General Counsels Harold P. Spivak, Steven B. Spivak, Dale W. Short, General Counsel Samantha Dulaney and West Coast Counsel James G. Varga, and all Officers, Representatives, local union representatives and delegates for their constant support and mentorship over the course of her long career with the International.

On behalf of the International and all of its Locals, President Loeb expressed sincere gratitude to Assistant to the President Reid, remarking that she has two families, that into which she was born and the IATSE, the family she chose. He remarked that there is no one more dedicated to the IATSE than Assistant to the President Reid. He announced that in appreciation for her tireless commitment to the Alliance, the semi-annual IATSE Political Action Committee reception would be held in her honor during the week of this Board meeting. At the conclusion of President Loeb’s remarks, those in attendance saluted Assistant to the President Reid with a convivial standing ovation.