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Robyn Cavanagh Appointed Assistant Director of the Education And Training Department

On January 1, 2014 Robyn Cavanagh was appointed as the Assistant Director to the Education and Training Department. Robyn was an instructor with the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Maryland for many years and has worked as a consultant with the IATSE Education Program over the past four years.

"Along with her labor background, Robyn has past experience designing and delivering union skills and leadership training tailored to our membership,” said IATSE International President Matthew Loeb. "The Education and Training department will benefit from her dedication to broadening the programs available for IATSE Locals and members."

In addition to her work as a labor educator, Robyn worked for nearly three decades as a union and political organizer. She came to the IATSE directly from a position with the SEIU, where she worked in strategic global campaigns and member leader development.

As Assistant Director, Robyn will assist in the creation and coordination of leadership programs throughout the U.S. and Canada for IATSE officers and representatives as well as local union leaders.

Robyn Cavanagh