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The Shubert Organization Honored with Award

April 12, 1995 - The Shubert Organization honored with Labor-Management Award. First Entertainment Industry employer to receive this honor.

Annually, the Union Label and Service Trades Department of the AFL-CIO awards the prestigious Labor-Management Award, chosen from an extensive list of employers nominated by international unions.  The IATSE was proud to report that the 1995 winner of this Labor-Management Award was The Shubert Organization.  This represented the first Labor-Management Award of this kind to be awarded to an employer within the entertainment industry.

International President Thomas C.  Short had nominated The Shubert Organization for this honor, stating that they were “eminently qualified” to receive this Award.  He included that controversies typical to labor and management were circumvented with this employer, due to, “Free, open and forthright discussion between the parties, fortified by a mutual respect for each other.”  President Short continued by saying that The Shubert Organization truly was a “company signatory to a union contract worthy of such a distinction.”

On behalf of The Shubert Organization, Bernard B. Jacobs, President, Gerald Schoenfeld, Chairman of the Board, and Philip J. Smith, Vice President attended the award ceremony, on May 19th in Detroit, Michigan, which was held in conjunction with the 1995 Union Industries Show, sponsored by the Union Label & Service Trades Department of the AFL-CIO.   IATSE Local No. One presented an Honorary Gold Membership Card to Bernard Jacobs, making him the first management person to receive this honor from the Local in its more than one hundred year history.   The IATSE is quite proud of the excellent relationship it has had with The Shubert Organization for the past 50 or more years.  Based on this long history with the IATSE, The Shubert Organization stands out as a true friend of labor, well-deserving of this prestigious honor.