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Solidarity Now! “Support Workers’ Rights” IATSE Shows Nationwide Support

Photo caption: President Loeb addressed the crowd in Times Square.

- February 26th, Madison, Wisconsin, International Trustee and Secretary-Treasurer of Chicago Local 2 Tom Cleary attended a rally with several IA members from Wisconsin Locals 18, 251 and 470, as well as members of other IA Locals who had traveled from both the East and West Coasts to demonstrate their solidarity.

- February 26th, Philadelphia IATSE Local 8 participated in two rallies, donating sound and staging equipment for a gathering of over 3,000 union supporters.  The Local 8 banner was mounted directly behind the stage and was prominently displayed on a number of television broadcasts.  At another rally in Trenton, New Jersey, IA signatory Bauder Sound provided equipment for the group, which included International Vice President and Local 8 Business Agent Michael Barnes.

 - February 27th, the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Labor Council held a rally at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, site of the National Governors Association Winter meeting.  International Vice President Walter Cahill attended, and was joined by a significant number of IA members, including many from Locals 19, 22 and USA829, and marched in protest of the assault on workers’ rights by some of the Governors.    Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, a strong supporter of workers’ rights to collective bargaining, made an appearance and was warmly received by the crowd.  He spoke to them regarding the importance of protecting workers’ rights, and that unions built the middle class of this country.

 - March 1st, President Loeb was among several prominent speakers addressing a crowd estimated at over 2,000 on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall.  International Officers, Representatives, Locals’ Officers, Staff, friends and family were among pro-union demonstrators who were energized by the size of the crowd and their unwavering desire to support workers in Wisconsin and other states where anti-union governors are doing their best to roll back hard-won gains made in the labor movement over the last 100 years.

 - March 26th, The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor held a rally and march through the streets of downtown Los Angeles with a reported 20,000 people who came out to demonstrate their support for workers’ rights and stand with workers in Wisconsin who are fighting to protect collective bargaining.  The IATSE was represented by International Vice Presidents, International Trustee, International Representatives, as well as IA West Coast Counsel and staff from the IA West Coast Office.  Los Angeles area Locals turned out their officers and members in the hundreds to join the march and stand shoulder to shoulder with other unions and working families in what is reported to be the largest action led by the LA County Fed in recent history.

- April 9, 2011, New York City - The IATSE officers and rank and file members from Locals in the tri-state area turned out in force on April 9 at a pro-labor rally coordinated by the New York State AFL-CIO and the New York City Central Labor Council.  The “We Are One” solidarity demonstration began at noon in Times Square.  IA President Matthew D.  Loeb was among the labor leaders who spoke to the masses, and those in attendance included General Secretary-Treasurer James B. Wood, International Vice Presidents Michael Barnes and Anthony DePaulo, Assistant to the President Deborah A. Reid, Assistant Director of the Motion Picture & Television Production Division Daniel Mahoney, International Representative Patricia A. White, as well as officers and members of IA Locals from as far as away as Philadelphia.   

Similar solidarity rallies were held all over the U.S. and Canada on April 9th, including those in St. Louis, Missouri; St. Paul, Minnesota; Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; Boise, Idaho; Phoenix, Arizona; Orono, Maine; Raleigh, North Carolina; Chicago and Joliet, Illinois; Des Moines, Iowa; Erie and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Sioux City, Iowa and Terre Haute, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; Toronto, Ontario, as well as dozens of smaller towns in both countries where pro-labor forces turned out.