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Statement from President Matthew D. Loeb: IATSE Safety Hotline

It has come to my attention that there is interest in the creation of an industry-wide safety hotline for IATSE members. This idea was borne out of the tragedy that claimed the life of Local 600 member Sarah Jones one year ago while working on the feature Midnight Rider. 

It is a worthy idea and we plan to implement a single hotline accessible to all of the industries we represent.

The theme of our last Convention was the Pillars of Success, which represent Leadership, Skills and Safety, Activism, and Communication.

Skills and safety are the backbone of a strong and healthy union. In recent years, we have made significant gains on this front as we continue to negotiate improved working conditions in our contracts and through the creation and implementation of the IATSE Training Trust Fund, which provides skills training and safety classes to members across the country, in all of the disciplines the IATSE represents.

To those who watch out for their fellow crew members every day on set, on stage, and on location, and are engaged and active with their local and the IATSE, thank you for your interest and involvement. We will follow up with details about the IATSE safety hotline in the near future.