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Tradeshow Department – AV Essentials

Several progressive IATSE Locals had been involved with InfoComm for their Local training programs long before the International. Most notably Locals 16 and 22 had long relationships.

After President Loeb came into office he appointed people to form the International Career Advancement Program (ICAP) committee. At one of the first ICAP committee meetings those members met with an InfoComm Representative to discuss a mutually beneficial relationship.

From that meeting the ICAP arranged for President Loeb to meet with InfoComm and an agreement for training was forged.

The first series of classes for CTS certification preparation were held in 2012 in Las Vegas, Vancouver and Ft. Lauderdale.

During this time it was decided that the IA also needed to do hands-on AV training for members. A working group was formed in 2013 to determine curriculum needs. That group then worked with InfoComm to develop a beta class which was held in Detroit in October of 2013.

After the beta class the working group refined the class which is now known as AV Essentials and in 2014 was provided to six Locals in the Alliance.

Plans are to offer both CTS and AV Essentials classes during 2015.