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Union Savings for Canadian Members

In January 2008, the IATSE became an affiliate of Canadian Union Advantage Benefit Programs (CUABP), a voluntary organization with which a number of international unions and labour organizations are affiliated.   Union Savings is the name used by CUABP to designate special savings, discounts and benefits available only to union members.   Much like Union Plus for American members, Union Savings exists for the purpose of using the purchasing power of Canadian union members to obtain money-saving benefits for the members and their families.

The International has arranged for discounts / service programs through Union Savings for mortgage consulting, accident insurance, critical illness, home & auto insurance, long-term health care insurance, cellular phones, real estate services, and a low-interest, low-fee credit Mastercard, which is offered through the Bank of Montreal and bears the IATSE emblem.  

President Short sent each Canadian member a letter and pamphlet in February, informing everyone of the availability of these new programs.   Members are encouraged to visit the Union Savings website for further details.   The website can be accessed at www. or by following the links from the IATSE International website, at   Union Savings is a fully bilingual organization, so all programs, services and literature are available in both of Canada's official languages.