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U.S. Under Secretary Robert E. Hormats Addresses Digital Theft

In conjunction with the Mid-Summer General Executive Board meeting in Boston, President Loeb invited Under Secretary Robert E. Hormats to address the Board and all attendees with regard to the global efforts of the State Department concerning the protection of intellectual property and digital theft.  The theme of Mr. Hormats’ presentation centered on the efforts of the State Department as part of the world community in fighting the battle against digital theft.  The impact of this issue on members of the IATSE and others in the entertainment industry, as well as the economy of the United States, were points that were made to Mr. Hormats.  He indicated he will continue to work within the scope of his Department in efforts to combat the problems we face.

Mr. Hormats, who has served since 2009 as Under Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, also served as Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs, Ambassador and Deputy U. S.  Trade Representative, Senior Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs at the Department of State.  He also served as a senior staff member for International Economic Affairs on the National Security Council from 1969 to 1977 where he was senior economic advisor to Dr. Henry Kissinger, General Brent Scowcroft and Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski.