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Variety report shows defeat

According to a report in Variety at the time:

“Two months before the strike, producers are said to have had a tacit agreement to fight the IATSE to a finish regardless of the cost and to break the strength of the individual and combined locals.  The IBEW claimed that the AFL had granted them jurisdiction over film sound technicians, but the AFL records from that period offer no evidence of such a ruling by the AFL. The claim to legitimacy under AFL fiat was nothing more than a ruse aimed at covering up what was surely yet another “back room” deal worked out between the unions - in this case the IBEW and the Carpenters - and the producers.

“All this despite a ruling by the National Labor Board that the studios “take employees back without prejudice, strikers to be given preference before new employees are taken on, and that they may retain membership in their organization.”

This ruling was not enforced.