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The Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation establishes a special fund

In the wake of the September tragedy, the Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation established a special fund to provide assistance to IATSE members and their families suffering serious financial hardship as a result of the September II terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Many IATSE members suffered tremendous losses.  Others were forced to evacuate their homes or lost their jobs or much of their income as a result of the terrorist attacks and the resulting economic impact on the IATSE community.  It is our hope that this financial assistance from the Foundation enabled these members and their families to get back on their feet in the aftermath of this tragedy.

The IATSE donated $10,000 to the Fund, as did the firm of Spivak, Lipton, Watanabe, Spivak and Moss.