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Leadership Development Week

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Customize your leadership training – Choose from 7 different courses! Take one, two, or three courses – whatever suits your needs – but no more than one course from each class period. 

This course will teach tools and techniques for effective local union contract negotiations, including the importance of advance strategic planning, how to select and manage a bargaining committee, determining the local’s objectives, priorities and bargaining positions, writing proposals, anticipating management demands, negotiating-table basics, communications with workers and others about negotiations, discussion of contract campaigns, what to do during eleventh-hour negotiations, how to settle difficult issues and reach an agreement, and preparing a memorandum of agreement.


The class is interactive and participatory and will include a mock bargaining session in which all students will participate. This course is appropriate for local union officers who negotiate directly with employers on behalf of their workers, and union members who are scheduled to serve on or lead negotiations on behalf of their locals and is offered for both Canadian and U.S. locals.


This two-day course is designed specifically for IATSE Local Union Trustees. After sessions on Fraud Prevention, the Role of the Trustee, and Planning an Audit, the class will conduct a mock audit. Trustees must attend the full two days of class to graduate and earn a certificate. Only members who serve their local unions as Trustees responsible for periodically auditing their locals’ books and records are eligible for this training. There is no other prerequisite. This training in NOT applicable for Benefit Fund or Training Fund Trustees.


“Growth Equals Strength” demands that we do everything we can to represent all workers in the Entertainment Industry, which is growing and changing on many fronts. Organizers and leaders need to know about the new the business models and resources to find out more about who is in charge in this new world, how content is development and all about the work itself, developing a profile of targeted companies of all sorts: non-profit, publicly traded and privately held. This is a beginners’ class to teach the 101 of corporate and non-profit research. The class will combine instruction and mentored work during which local union participants will begin to profile some of their key targets.


This is a workshop for activists, allies and anyone interested in learning about Inclusion and Diversity with a focused lens on the entertainment industry, exploring how inequities - both visible and invisible - affect our workplaces and our work. The course will engage both your mind and body. Starting from individual and moving through to the societal, participants will learn tools strategies to address, assess and disrupt inequity in your personal practice, workplace and in society. Taught from a Canadian perspective, this class is also suitable for leaders from U.S. locals.


Local union leaders, whether elected or serving as leads on a committee or project, are critical in the life of the local union. Through these unique roles we can teach and develop those who join the team or who serve after us. This leadership class integrates discussion and practice around effective communication, building teams and developing leadership in others. Leaders will learn about mentoring people and developing systems of transparency and consistency that will ensure that they will pass their Local down to the next generation in even better shape than they found it, with a legacy of excellence.


This workshop is specially designed to introduce union members and labor leaders to the laws governing the operation of labor unions, covering relationships with workers and employers, the duty of fair representation, contract negotiations, organizing, internal union procedures, new cases dealing with social media, small bargaining units and more. Emphasis will be placed on the practical day-to-day application of the law, to help students gain confidence in running their locals, creating organizing strategy, and negotiating and interpreting their contracts. Class work will include lectures and group exercises. This course will serve as a good introduction to Labor Law for new officers, and a review for more experienced officers. It is offered for both Canadian and U.S. locals.


Fill out the Leadership Development Week application and return the completed application via email to or by mail to:

I.A.T.S.E. Officer Institute
207 West 25th Street
Fourth Floor
New York, NY 10001


Costs of the class are split: local unions are responsible for transportation, hotels, and per diem, and the International Union will pay for the program and instructors.

Please contact with any questions.