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Other Ways to Fight

Email. Email other members in your Local and tell them about the IATSE-PAC. Why do you feel compelled to join the fight? What issues matter most to you and your Local? You can personalize your email or simply use the sample script below. The PAC works if members reach out to their fellow brothers and sisters and urge them to join the fight. Either tailor your script to your local membership’s concerns and demographics or use the sample script directly below the following paragraph.

Letters. Send letters to members in your Local. If you are a Local representative who wants to reach out to all of your members and you do not have every member’s email address, sending out a mail piece to your Local’s membership from you is a very effective way of making this national PAC compelling on the Local level. A mail piece can also double as a PAC card that can be folded and sent back to the IATSE-PAC at the General Office. Mail pieces can be complemented by robocalls to further encourage your members to join the PAC. See information on setting up robocalls below. Feel free to write your own letter to your members or use this sample script below:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I’m sure that like me, you’re tired of hearing how workers are the cause of America’s financial problems. Day after day, we hear billionaire CEOs and the politicians they fund say it’s our salaries and benefits that are somehow out of line. We too have felt the repercussions of the recession and face lower turnout to movies and the theatre, piracy of the fruits of our labor, and the threat of eliminating Medicare. Now is the time for us to make our frustration be known. Please join me in standing up and fighting back by supporting the IATSE-PAC and giving $10 a month. Please fill out the back of this letter and send it back to IATSE-PAC (at the General Office) or log on to the IATSE website for more about the IATSE-PAC. Contact your business agent for more information.
Thank you.
In Solidarity,
Local XXXX Union President, XXX XXXX

[Note: solicitation rules need to be noted in letters]


Join, post, or start your Local’s Facebook Page. If your Local already has a Facebook page, post information about the IATSE-PAC, your commitment to participating, and the issues that motivate you to stand up and fight back.

If your Local does not have a Facebook page, consider starting one yourself and invite other members who are online to be part of IATSE’s presence online. Please note that it is important that any PAC involvement is limited to only IATSE members, employees of the IATSE and IATSE local unions, and their families (who reside in the United States).

Include the IATSE-PAC website, encourage members to sign up for the PAC, and advertise the ability to download informational and promotional materials about the PAC. Make sure you state the PAC's mission of supporting politicians who have stood with IATSE and fighting against the politicians that have stood against IATSE.


Robocalls. If you are part of a larger union that wants to notify all of your members through a robocall, contact the IATSE General Office and they can help facilitate sending out a robocall to members who have submitted phone numbers to Local or International leadership. Once a script has been finalized, the Local’s President can record a message, notifying members of the IATSE-PAC. Solicitation rules need to be noted on robocalls. See Sample Script below:

Hi, this is Local XXXX President, XXX XXXX. Like you, I am a proud member of IATSE and am tired of politicians’ attacks on labor unions. Workers across the country have been unfairly scapegoated for bankrupting state budgets and have been punished by legislators who are cutting healthcare and other benefits from these hard working Americans. I’m calling to ask you to stand up and fight back, and help fight the politicians who have not stood with IATSE workers. Please consider giving $10 a month to the IATSE-PAC, which you can find out more about at the IATSE website. Contact your business agent for more information. Please join the fight today. Thank you.

[Note: solicitation rules need to be noted in calls]


Speak with other members about the IATSE-PAC. All members are encouraged to discuss the PAC with each other, integrating the IATSE-PAC into the everyday activities and discussion between members. In this way, union stewards are in a unique position of being more familiar with the Local membership and are some of the best equipped individuals to reach out to other IATSE members. See below for a sample script for talking to a member about joining the IATSE-PAC.

Make the pledge personal. Talk about why the IATSE-PAC is important to you. Emphasize that this is not a partisan issue. This is an issue of standing with those that stand up for workers and fighting against those who have not stood with workers.

Hey – I wanted to talk you about IATSE's PAC. Workers are being scapegoated by politicians, who are putting the issues that we care about most in jeopardy. The PAC is about standing with the politicians who have stood up for us over time and fighting against those that are unfairly targeting hard-working people like you and me. Consider contributing to the IATSE-PAC, which helps us by putting our allies in office and our enemies out of office. Let me know if you are interested in knowing more, want to sign up for the PAC, or want to learn more about other ways of supporting this fight.

[Note: solicitation rules to be noted by speaker]

Solicitation Rules

The following are the rules for solicitations for contributions to the PAC. These rules must be displayed, posted, or otherwise noted whenever contributions are solicited.

  • The signing of an authorization card and the making of contributions to the IATSE-PAC are not conditions of membership in the union nor of employment with the Company and you may refuse to do so without fear of reprisal.
  • You are making a contribution to fund-raising efforts sponsored by the IATSE-PAC and the IATSE-PAC will use your contributions for political purposes, including but not limited to, the making of contributions to or expenditures on behalf of candidates for federal office, and addressing political issues of public importance.
  • Federal law requires the IATSE-PAC to use its best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and the name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.
  • Contributions or gifts to the IATSE-PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
  • Any contribution guideline is merely a suggestion and you may contribute more, less, or nothing at all without favor or disadvantage from IATSE.
  • The IATSE-PAC is unable to accept monies from Canadian members of the IATSE.