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GEB Education Materials

"Shining a Light on Activism" session at 2015 mid-winter GEB in Charlotte, NC.

2016 Winter

The presentation below was used in the media and messaging education session during the Winter 2016 GEB meeting. Please feel free to download and distribute to your local. You can use the presentation as-is, or tailor it to fit the needs of your local, using the PPT (PowerPoint) file.

Media & Messaging (PDF)

Media & Messaging (PPT)

2015 Winter & 2014 Summer

The documents below were used in activism education sessions during the Summer 2014 and Winter 2015 GEB meetings. Please feel free to distribute to your local. You can use the materials as-is, or tailor them to fit the needs of your local.

Setting up an IATSE ACTION Team | Worksheet

IATSE Activism Survey

Steps to Effective One-on-One Recruitment

Charting and Tracking Member Involvement

Sample Membership Involvement Chart

Checklist for Member Mobilization

Activating Union Members | Planning Worksheet

Surveys as Activism Tools

If you have questions or issues downloading materials, please contact the IATSE Communications Department at comms [at]