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Local Union Activist Survey

At the 2015 District Conventions, the IATSE Education Department is presenting a program called “Strategic Thinking about Activism."

Activism is working with others to create positive change. It is the way we connect our union values to the larger community and the world around us. Along with Leadership Development, Craft Skills and Safety, and Communications, it is one of the IATSE’s Four Pillars of Success. Combined, these Four Pillars create an environment of growth and strength for IATSE members.

One easy way to be active is to share your experiences with activism, whether short term wins or large achievements, so that we can all learn from each other. Please tell us about any activities, events, or actions you are proud of, big or small, by clicking here and filling out the survey.

Tell us how your local is using activism to build workplace power! Click here to fill out the activist survey.