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IATSE Young Workers

The Young Workers initiative aims to give our young union members a greater understanding of the responsibilities of leadership and encourage their participation in the IATSE. Members should be committed to advancing the labor movement through participation in their local union’s activities, activism within the community, or activism in the wider labor movement.

Young Worker members are reminded to keep these three goals in mind:

1. Be part of something bigger.

2. Teach practical membership skills.

3. Identify, encourage, and support young active members.

Young Workers committees can be founded at any Local, and are independently governed with the goal of encouraging participation in the Local. The initiative is steered by the International Young Workers Committee (YWC), made up of staff from the International. Every two years, the YWC holds the Young Workers Conference, sharing the history of the IATSE, leadership skills, and networking in order to mold a more active IATSE membership for the future.

A Young Workers committee at your Local can run food drives, organize phone banks, volunteer their skills, organize fellow entertainment workers, show solidarity with other unions, and bring education opportunities to your local union. It is a wonderful opportunity to network with other members, building professional relationships that can help you grow in your career. But it’s also a great opportunity to have fun, building personal relationships and hosting social events for your Local members and their families.


The Young Workers Conference is held every two years, gathering workers under 35 from across North America, encouraging them to get active within their local union, politically, in their community, or in their workplace. Keynote speakers and history presentations, as well as discussions focusing on activism and leadership skills, fill the Conference with opportunities for growth. This networking opportunity allows young workers to meet likeminded peers from across the continent – and even across the pond, as our sister Union, BECTU, has sent representatives to previous IATSE Young Worker Conferences.

Nominations are now open for our upcoming 2020 Young Workers Conference, which will be held in Minneapolis April 14-16, 2020. Click here for more information about the nomination process.


Inspired by a growing push to meaningfully engage young union members across North America, the IATSE Young Workers was formed January 2012, with the goal of engaging, educating, and encouraging members under the age of 35. 

The International's Young Workers Committee was appointed by IATSE International President Loeb to organize initiatives and empower locals' Young Workers Committees. Young Workers Conferences have been held in 2018 in Silver Spring, MD, in 2016 in Atlanta, GA, in 2014 in Portland, OR, and in 2012 in Philadelphia, PA. The conferences have rigorous education schedules aimed at empowering young members to best represent the IATSE in their local unions and on the jobsite or workplace.

Young IATSE members have held successful Labor Day events, charity kickball tournaments, food/toy/clothing drives, organizing campaigns, and much more. We are committed to paving the way for the future of our union.

A collage of Young Workers photos


Young Workers is about our membership organizing at the grassroots level. Check your Local’s website or talk to your Local leadership about a Young Worker Group, or about gauging interest in starting one. To learn how to start a Young Worker Group at your local union, click here to download the Young Worker How-To Guide.

If you're interested in keeping up with the International Young Workers Committee, sign up for the email list here, and find us on Facebook and Twitter.