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Member Education

In today’s world of rapid change, every person must be a lifelong student. 

Changes in the law, the economy, membership demographics, technology, employers and other factors make it critical that Union representatives keep themselves abreast of current trends and update and hone their skills in areas such as bargaining, organizing, union administration, and law. Workers must continually update their skills and embrace new technologies, equipment, and styles of work in order to meet the demands of their employers and insure that IATSE provides (as we always have) the best workforce in the entertainment industry.

By giving our IATSE locals and members access to training and education, the International hopes to continue to provide excellent representation to the workers we represent and the best, most advanced and highly-skilled workforce to our employers.

New: A Primer on Effective Study Groups for ETCP and InfoComm

Preparing for the ETCP or InfoComm test? Click here to download our new primer for an effective study group →


The IATSE’s Labor Education Assistance Program provides reimbursement money to officers of local unions who enroll in qualifying Labor Studies Programs. The program covers all Officers, Officials, Trustees, and Executive Board Members of all Local Unions, who are eligible to be reimbursed for one (1) labor studies course each calendar year. Now every representative has access to a broad range of educational opportunities to help them better represent the workers in their jurisdiction.

IATSE Road Show

The IATSE Education and Training Department presents: Why Unions Still Matter!

Every day unions and their members are under attack. While corporate profits and executive salaries soar, American workers face disappearing pensions, increased hours and declining wages.

Many say unions have outlived their usefulness. Nothing could be further from the truth! Why Unions Still Matter, an informative and enlightening presentation, developed by the Labor Education Program at the University of Arkansas Little Rock, in conjunction with the IATSE makes the case that strong unions are an essential component of a strong and stable economy.

IATSE members who have seen this presentation have given it great reviews, and say that it explains our history and invigorates workers to be more involved in their locals and in the Union movement.

If you would like to host this presentation in your city, please contact Jennifer Halpern at jhalpern [at] to receive more details and to schedule a date. Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend!

IATSE Training Trust

The IATSE Training Trust Fund is a joint labor management training fund offering training opportunities for IATSE workers to achieve and maintain the skills, ability, and knowledge necessary to meet the ever changing technologies in the entertainment and exhibition industries.

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The IATSE TTF/AVIXA partnership includes Premium Member access to free introductory AV courses and a 15% discount on most trainings, free global trade show access, and members-only events. Click here for more information about AVIXA membership. AVIXA partnership registration is open to all IATSE workers. Register today to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity with courses and content prepared just for you!

IATSE Officer Institute

IATSE workers are the mostly highly skilled craftspeople in the entertainment industry. Likewise, local union leaders must have the best possible skills in order to represent these members and confront the challenges and the pressures of the modern labor environment.

In order to fortify local union leaders to tackle this challenging road before us, the IATSE General Executive Board, in conjunction with the IATSE Education and Training Department, created the IATSE Officer Institute. Local union leaders at all levels of experience can enroll in this week-long educational program - a comprehensive boot camp where I.A.T.S.E local union officers and Business Agents dive into the nuts and bolts of running a local, being ready to bargain, and building power for members.


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Customize your leadership training – Choose from 7 different courses, including Collective Bargaining, Local Union Trustee Training, Strategic Organizing - Campaign Research 101, The Power of IDEA - (Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Acceptance), Labor Law, Local Union Leadership: Mentoring & Succession Planning. Take one, two, or three courses – whatever suits your needs – but no more than one course from each class period.

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