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Women's Committee


The IATSE Women’s Committee is dedicated to providing networking and mentorship opportunities, to be a meaningful resource for educational tools, social media campaigns and community outreach and activism for women of the IATSE. The Committee endeavors to create a sense of community throughout the geographic and craft diversity of our union, and through highlighting the achievements of women in the IATSE and the labor movement, works to enhance women’s potential for success in our union, in our places of work, and in our communities. 


Executive Committee: provides oversight of and responsibility for the overall activities and goals of the committee, takes under consideration recommendations from the three subcommittees, and initiates the adoption of general and specific goals of the committee.

Networking & Events Planning Subcommittee: coordinates all logistics and guest speakers (if any) or other activities to take place at the twice a year GEB dinners in addition to coordinating other networking opportunities as they arise.

Community Outreach/Activities Advisory: will focus on identifying issues that can provide opportunities for women to become fully engaged in their locals and their communities. These may include work and family issues, women's health initiatives, political activities and education 

Education/Training Advisory: works to disseminate information on topics of interest to IATSE women and to address additional education opportunities that complement the training already being provided to all members through the IATSE Education & Training Department, and to provide resources for educational opportunities in the larger union community.

The Women’s Connection (Quarterly Bulletin)

We invite news and views, event announcements, ideas on issues relevant to members and photos from Local Union Women’s Committees. Please submit to:

History of Women in the IATSE Project 

How You Can Participate

  • Fill out the survey (please read the instructions first) and send us your stories and experiences in "the business."
  • If your mother or grandmother was, or still is, an IATSE member, have them fill out the survey as well. How does your story compare to theirs? Send pictures as individuals or as a group.
  • Pass the survey to other women in your local or in other locals who have a story to tell and encourage them to submit materials.
  • Send in pictures of IATSE women at work or participating in union events such as marches, strikes, union meetings, and other activities. 
  • Create a short personal video for inclusion in the program or in our ongoing oral history project. Make it a group project in your local.

To read more detailed instructions, click here for an Instruction Sheet PDF. Then, fill out the survey!

Questions should be directed to:
US locals – Stasia Savage:
Canadian locals – Dusty Kelly:

Organize Your Local's Women's Committee

We encourage Local Unions to start their own Women's Committees. To get started, read The Worker Institute's Guide to Organizing Women's Committees, and feel free to reach out for support.

Contact Us

If you'd like to get in touch with the Women's Committee, email us at: