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Electric Jesus Film Crew Wins Union Contract

Thursday, August 22, 2019

COLUMBUS, GA — In the 95 degree heat, the crew on the feature length motion picture Electric Jesus joined together and used their collective strength to obtain a Collective Bargaining Agreement prior to the start of filming. Through this contract, not only were we able to secure benefits back to date of hire and a 12 hour guarantee when cameras began to roll, but some crew members experienced a 70% pay increase on their hourly rate.

“Local 161, 479, 600, 798, and 800 really stepped up to the plate and put us in a position to succeeded,” International Representative Wade Tyree said. He added that “when you have an enthusiastic, boots-on-the-ground team that is engaged within the film community and is focused on getting a contract for a very deserving crew, you get results.”

Organizing is our opportunity to give volume to the unrepresented crew voice that has been silenced. It is our chance to support our local unions and help our members gain industry standard terms, wages, and working conditions on non-union jobs. It is our obligation to police our jurisdictions, serve our membership, and protect the workers.