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IATSE New York Locals One, 751, 764, 798, ATPAM 18032 And USA829 Accept Limited Wage Reduction To Keep Broadway Lit
Wednesday, September 19, 2001
In an effort to keep legitimate theater productions on Broadway lit, New York locals and the IATSE have jointly agreed to a 25% wage reduction for a four week period, it was announced by Thomas C. Short, President of the International.
IATSE Donates $50,000 To New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund
Tuesday, September 18, 2001
In the wake of the horrific events at the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D. C. and in Pennsylvania, the IATSE has donated $50,000 to the New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund, it was announced by Thomas C. Short, President of the International Union.
IATSE Local 52 Volunteer Their Expertise To Rescue Efforts in New York
Thursday, September 13, 2001
IATSE Studio Mechanics Local 52 is coordinating efforts of their membership on a voluntary basis to offer any and all assistance to the New York City Police and Fire Departments in their rescue efforts after Tuesday's bombing of the World Trade Center, according to Thomas Short, President of the IATSE. Local 52 is working in conjunction with New York's Office of Emergency Management
IATSE Successfully Organizes "The Music Man" Touring Crew
Wednesday, September 12, 2001
The IATSE successfully organized the road crew employed with the touring company of Big League Theatrical's production of "The Music Man," Thomas Short, International President of the IATSE, announced.
3rd UNI-MEI World Film and TV Production Unions' Conference, Cannes, 5 May 2001
Wednesday, August 29, 2001
Thomas Short, president of IATSE, the largest film production union in the US and Canada, as well as first vice president of UNI-MEI, chaired this event.
In Memoriam - James J. Riley General Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus IATSE 1919-2001
Wednesday, August 29, 2001
General Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus James J. Riley passed away August 23, 2001 after a long-term illness. He was 81.