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Start a Drive in your Local

  • Set up a structure to ask members individually and independently to contribute to IATSE’s Political Action Committee (PAC), offering incentives for those who get the most members signed up. Local contests help encourage people to join or increase PAC check off. Examples of incentives include gas cards or gift certificates. Set a time to draw the winner(s) and have a defined contest length. You can use money from dues to pay for the prizes as long as you raise 3 times that amount in PAC contributions. However, failure to raise 3 times the contributions amount will result in the PAC being required to pay back the dues money used for payment of prizes. Prior to starting, consult PAC legal guidelines in this section.


  • Designate someone from the Local who is passionate about the PAC to work with stewards and in different worksites to help it grow. Combining a political release staff member with the action items in suggestion #1 will greatly increase the success of the PAC. Release staff members typically leave their daily work position and are then transferred onto the local union’s payroll for the purpose of working on member mobilization and PAC-related work on behalf of IATSE. The work of release staff is limited to fundraising for the PAC and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts. Release staff may not perform work or engage in activity for particular candidates.


  • Set up a PAC table in worksite lunchrooms and other high-traffic areas during non-work hours. At the table, you can display pictures of incentives (lapel pin, t-shirt, cap, etc.) provided by the IATSE General Office for joining the PAC. The PAC solicitation rules must be also be displayed at the table. Keep in mind that the employer may have rules about such activities to be observed. This suggestion can also be used in conjunction with #1 above.


  • Hold a raffle at a Local union meeting. Have your members sign up for the PAC at the beginning of the meeting and hold the drawing at the end of the meeting, based on the list of those that had signed up earlier in the meeting. Winners would win a prize advertised to members considering joining the PAC.


  • Mail every member of your Local a letter from your Local’s President, along with a check off card asking them to join the PAC or increase his/her PAC contributions. If your members have PAC check off in their contracts, they can just turn the card in to their steward at work or mail it back to the Local’s headquarters. The steward or the Local will then forward a copy to the employer. If your members would rather pay their PAC contributions through credit or debit card deductions they can either fill out the hard copy credit/debit deduction card or fill out the online form and send it to the IATSE General Office. In the accompanying letter from the Local President, explain the attacks that workers are under from politicians and how your Local and the IATSE General Office plans to fight back (IATSE-PAC can provide sample letter).


  • Put the PAC check off card, an explanation of the IATSE-PAC, and the list of incentives for joining it in your Local’s newsletter or regular email notifications to the Local’s membership. Ask members to turn in their cards to their Local stewards or at the union hall. Additionally, you can share this information on the Local’s website or Facebook page, as long as it is clearly indicated that this is for members only. Note: If PAC language is not provided for in a contract with the employer, it is possible the employer may permit payroll deductions if asked to do so.


  • Post a 1-page flyer about the IATSE-PAC on union bulletin boards in worksites. On the flyer, include pictures of International PAC incentives, any Local union contest details, and where members can go to learn more about joining the PAC. The ability to post this flyer may vary from workplace to workplace, depending on employer rules.


  • If your Local has more than 500 members, the IATSE General Office may be able to assist you in sending out robocalls to your members, asking them if they are interested in joining the PAC. Members that are interested can “push 1,” allowing you to personally follow up with those that want to join the PAC.


  • Hold a stewards training on the PAC that highlights its importance, why we cannot use member dues for political purposes, and what labor unions have at stake if they do not fight back. Have stewards go into the worksites and encourage members to join the PAC check off by using incentives and/or a Local union contest as an added draw to joining or increasing PAC contributors.


  • Integrate PAC enrollment, education, and participation into the everyday tasks of stewards, mobilizers, and Local activists.

SOLICITATION RULESThe following are the rules for solicitations for contributions to the PAC. These rules must be displayed, posted, or otherwise noted whenever contributions are solicited as noted above.

  • The signing of an authorization card and the making of contributions to the IATSE-PAC are not conditions of membership in the union nor of employment with the Company and you may refuse to do so without fear of reprisal.
  • You are making a contribution to fund-raising efforts sponsored by the IATSE-PAC and the IATSE- PAC will use your contributions for political purposes, including but not limited to, the making of contributions to or expenditures on behalf of candidates for federal office, and addressing political issues of public importance.
  • Federal law requires the IATSE-PAC to use its best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and the name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.
  • Contributions or gifts to the IATSE-PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
  • Any contribution guideline is merely a suggestion and you may contribute more, less, or nothing at all without favor or disadvantage from IATSE.
  • The IATSE-PAC is unable to accept monies from Canadian members of the IATSE.